March 30, 2010

Celldweller (2003)

I don't think Celldweller is exactly obscure, but I thought I would put this up anyway, seeing as I came across them recently thanks to a friend of mine.

Celldweller is (if the internet isn't lying to me) is a project started by Klayton, one of those artist/producer/etc hybrids of the music industry. I suppose his experience with all that and projects he has been a part of in the past has armed him with quite a bit of talent. I'll admit what I found the most amusing part I found in my findings was that Criss Angel was in a band? Really? I think I will seriously look into that, if only for my amusement.

But now, the music. I actually heard one of the tracks a few years back; Switchback, in it's instrumental form, was featured in one of the levels in Enter the Matrix. Yes, I played it, don't judge me. Hearing this again may have been what influenced me to look into it a little more and I am quite pleased with what I found. The contrast between tracks like 'Switchback' and (my favorite on the album) 'Stay with Me (Unlikely)' is almost sudden, yet somehow fits seamlessly into the album. It's an awesome record if you're into industrial or electronic music.

Sample Video: Switchback