May 17, 2010

Neurosonic: Drama Queen (2007)

Somehow it feels like there isn't much to say about this band, or perhaps I'm just feeling lazy. It's been a long few days but Neurosonic has kept me going surprisingly well and thus it will be shared with you.

If you have ever listened to Out of Your Mouth the vocals should sound strangely familiar. That would be because Jason Darr had been in that band before Neurosonic was formed. It was actually the vocals that caught me when a friend initially introduced them. Are Solar is possibly my favorite track and for good reason because the rift is just so damn catchy and the lyrics are a mix between amusing and offensive, but it was about time someone ripped Ashlee Simpson up for her lip syncing fiasco in music form.

It saddens me that they aren't as well known. Sadly, they have broken up.

Sample Video: Are Solar

April 18, 2010

Econoline Crush: The Devil You Know (1997)

I know what you're thinking. "{Blogger Name Here}, how much do you rely on Pandora to find new music for you?" I actually haven't used it for a while now; this is a find from around 2007-2008 and another great one at that but they also belong in the category of bands that don't regularly release albums (as they went on a 7 year hiatus). They apparently even released an album I wasn't even aware of in 2008 that I feel stupid for not being aware of. Still, The Devil You Know is a personal favorite of mine and somewhere in my top albums.

I'm not quite sure what the first song I heard by them was. In fact, I think it was actually on Brand New History. For some reason I gave this one a try first and I was very pleased with what I found. It's no surprise that this has commercially been t
he band's greatest success. Each song has it's own unique sound and structure and I'm especially fond of 'Sparkle and Shine' and the vocals on 'Elegant'. They use a lot of distortion, which in most cases doesn't exactly sound pleasant but it's implemented very well.

Currently they have 4 LPs out but I have yet to check up and see if they have any more plans for the future.

Sample Video: Sparkle and Shine

March 30, 2010

Celldweller (2003)

I don't think Celldweller is exactly obscure, but I thought I would put this up anyway, seeing as I came across them recently thanks to a friend of mine.

Celldweller is (if the internet isn't lying to me) is a project started by Klayton, one of those artist/producer/etc hybrids of the music industry. I suppose his experience with all that and projects he has been a part of in the past has armed him with quite a bit of talent. I'll admit what I found the most amusing part I found in my findings was that Criss Angel was in a band? Really? I think I will seriously look into that, if only for my amusement.

But now, the music. I actually heard one of the tracks a few years back; Switchback, in it's instrumental form, was featured in one of the levels in Enter the Matrix. Yes, I played it, don't judge me. Hearing this again may have been what influenced me to look into it a little more and I am quite pleased with what I found. The contrast between tracks like 'Switchback' and (my favorite on the album) 'Stay with Me (Unlikely)' is almost sudden, yet somehow fits seamlessly into the album. It's an awesome record if you're into industrial or electronic music.

Sample Video: Switchback

February 26, 2010

The Jealous Sound: Kill them with Kindness (2003)

And now I present some more indie emo for your listening pleasure. Another find from a search about a month or so ago. The band was formed in Los Angelos and is a part of a long-running line of emo bands that are actually decent that need to release more albums especially since they appear to be kind of meandering around the concept of actually creating anything while occasionally posting in various areas about an upcoming LP. None the less I decided to look in to their one album they have, which I will now share with you.

Kill them with Kindness at first struck me as a little generic and I almost tossed it aside, but I have to say even music like that can quickly grab your attention. In my case this was especially true with Hope For Us, which I believe was the first song I heard (and also the first track on this album). There's a certain sound they remind me of and if I ever remember what it is, I'll tell you.

Sample Video: The Fold Out

February 8, 2010

Forty Foot Echo (2003)

Forty Foot Echo is a personal favorite of mine from a few years ago. Once again, this is a find via By now it's probably obvious that I love the site. Unfortunately if you live outside of the USA, it's not available.

Multiply hooked me, Drift reeled me in, and Beside Me is definitely my favorite track off of the record. Unfortunately the band broke up after some complications with the record company, though Murray Yates (vocals) reformed it with a completely new line up and they released their follow-up album Aftershock. I think this is one of the few bands I've come across that their music still sounds great despite drastic changes.

Also, they're Canadian. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Sample Video: Brand New Day

January 15, 2010

Cross My Heart: Temporary Contemporary (2004)

Apparently this is quite a rare find and it took me a while to get a hold of it. Anyway, Cross My Heart came up as a band similar to Sunny Day Real Estate and classified as Indie Emo. Which is good since despite the fact that screamo still holds a special place in my heart, there needs to be more like this.

I think I would describe them as a cross between Sunny Day and the early days of Juliana Theory. Quite a mix and very excellent. They released an EP called The Reason I Failed History but other than that, there are no other releases and they are now disbanded. That's no reason not to listen to them of course, so I'd at least give them a try.

Sample Video: Tonight, We'll Light Ourselves on Fire

January 11, 2010

Sold State Logic: Disarray (2006)

Once upon a time, I decided to look for more music similar to Drugstore Fanatics. I believe the result was this. Solid State Logic, if is to be believed, finds it's roots similar to Alice in Chains and I'm not really sure I feel about that. Sure they may be inspired by the same sound but I'm not sure if I would describe them as similar. SSL is great, but it just has it's own sound.

I also really love bands who try to go out of their way to get their music out there but unfortunately that appeared to not work out too well and it's a shame because they're great in a society that's bent on ripping off everyone else. Oh, they were also apparently produced by Sylvia Massy Shivy, who produced such bands as System of a Down, Tool and Powerman 5000. Pretty awesome.

Sample video: Its Not Over