January 15, 2010

Cross My Heart: Temporary Contemporary (2004)

Apparently this is quite a rare find and it took me a while to get a hold of it. Anyway, Cross My Heart came up as a band similar to Sunny Day Real Estate and classified as Indie Emo. Which is good since despite the fact that screamo still holds a special place in my heart, there needs to be more like this.

I think I would describe them as a cross between Sunny Day and the early days of Juliana Theory. Quite a mix and very excellent. They released an EP called The Reason I Failed History but other than that, there are no other releases and they are now disbanded. That's no reason not to listen to them of course, so I'd at least give them a try.

Sample Video: Tonight, We'll Light Ourselves on Fire

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  1. oh man hell yeah THANK you was searching this one long time.Keep it up dudes.
    Greetz from Turkey