May 17, 2010

Neurosonic: Drama Queen (2007)

Somehow it feels like there isn't much to say about this band, or perhaps I'm just feeling lazy. It's been a long few days but Neurosonic has kept me going surprisingly well and thus it will be shared with you.

If you have ever listened to Out of Your Mouth the vocals should sound strangely familiar. That would be because Jason Darr had been in that band before Neurosonic was formed. It was actually the vocals that caught me when a friend initially introduced them. Are Solar is possibly my favorite track and for good reason because the rift is just so damn catchy and the lyrics are a mix between amusing and offensive, but it was about time someone ripped Ashlee Simpson up for her lip syncing fiasco in music form.

It saddens me that they aren't as well known. Sadly, they have broken up.

Sample Video: Are Solar