April 18, 2010

Econoline Crush: The Devil You Know (1997)

I know what you're thinking. "{Blogger Name Here}, how much do you rely on Pandora to find new music for you?" I actually haven't used it for a while now; this is a find from around 2007-2008 and another great one at that but they also belong in the category of bands that don't regularly release albums (as they went on a 7 year hiatus). They apparently even released an album I wasn't even aware of in 2008 that I feel stupid for not being aware of. Still, The Devil You Know is a personal favorite of mine and somewhere in my top albums.

I'm not quite sure what the first song I heard by them was. In fact, I think it was actually on Brand New History. For some reason I gave this one a try first and I was very pleased with what I found. It's no surprise that this has commercially been t
he band's greatest success. Each song has it's own unique sound and structure and I'm especially fond of 'Sparkle and Shine' and the vocals on 'Elegant'. They use a lot of distortion, which in most cases doesn't exactly sound pleasant but it's implemented very well.

Currently they have 4 LPs out but I have yet to check up and see if they have any more plans for the future.

Sample Video: Sparkle and Shine

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