December 3, 2009

Hourcast: State of Disgrace (2006)

Every so often I take a break from my own playlist and head over to just to rediscover things I may have never got around to looking into or just finding new music in general. Kinda depends on how I feel.

I actually found Hourcast sometime in 2008 (I think around January or February?) and I quite liked the two songs I heard (which at that time were Sakkara and Lunar) but then I sort of forgot about Pandora. Then about a month ago or so I went back to look through artists that had come up on one of my stations and found them again and I'm really glad I did. I think it's great to go rediscover artists you used to listen to again.

What really drew me into them was the guitar. Usually hard rock has me listening to it for the drumline but the rifts (especially for Lunar) were just too much fun to listen to. If it wouldn't drive me insane to listen to one song on repeat, I probably could do that with a few songs. I also have always liked it when vocalists can go back and forth from softer to harsh and still make the music flow rather than abruptly change style and that's just what Hourcast does.

To my knowledge they haven't broken up but I have no idea if there are any plans for a follow-up album to State of Disgrace. I really hope there will be.

Sample Video: 'Freeze'

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