December 6, 2009

Loser: Just Like You (2006)

This was another find from Pandora a couple years back. If you're familiar with Marylin Manson, you might be familiar with John5, who was the guitarist in this. Prior to the release of the album, however, he left the band to go team up with Rob Zombie. And of course the record company decided to drop them because we can't have an awesome band without John5. It's a shame because they could have done really well.

Okay so maybe the guitar was the thing that grabbed me in to begin with when I heard the rift to 'Disposable Sunshine' the first time but the vocals kept me there; I don't think I've managed to find anything quite like Joe Grah, so props for him. Not sure where he went after this or if the band is still active (I haven't seen anything) but if he's somewhere else, I'm pretty sure I'll end up following him.

It's pretty upbeat compared to a lot of the things I tend to listen to and that's great because rock music needs more stuff like this. I say go for it. It doesn't appear to be sold anywhere, however... at least not that I can find.

Sample Video: 'The First Time'

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